About the affiliate program and its advantages

Veqber does not buy advertising on third-party resources.

The company develops at the expense of its own reputation, giving partners the opportunity to get maximum income.

Such a course of the company allows you to allocate up to 50% of the investment capital to encourage and reward network business leaders who contribute to the popularization of the Veqber brand.

When you reach the highest status – Fame Guild XXV, you will receive up to 50% of partner rewards.

Before you start developing strategies for the development of your team and active actions, you should clearly understand the rules for accrual of rewards.

As soon as you register/activate your account, you will be assigned the status of Fame Guild I. This will give you the opportunity to receive 7% of each investment of partners in your first line. But in order to receive awards from deeper lines, you need to develop your business, increase the number of the team and total turnover, to regularly upgrade the status of your account in the QB perfection program.

Example of the partner program

Let ‘s give an example: You are a partner of a company with the status of “Fame Guild I”, you invited a partner who opened a deposit in the amount of $ 1000.

You will receive a bonus of $70 (7%).

After your partner’s investment, your structural turnover will be equal to $ 1000, this will automatically increase your status to “Fame Guild II”, after that you will earn 8% of the partners’ investments from your first line.

You will earn more and more referral rewards by increasing your partner status in the company.

It is likely that some of your partners will also want to earn money by developing their structure, inviting people to your second line.

In order to receive income from the second line (and deeper), you need to make sure that the status of your account is always at least 1 status higher than that of the partners under you!!! (Since you will get the difference between your status and the statuses of the partners under you.)

To understand the Veqber affiliate programme, let us take an example of a longer line:

Your status: Fame Guild XII (18%), in your first and second line partners with the status of Fame Guild IX (15%), third and fourth and fifth line partners with the status: Fame Guild V (11%).

The partner from the sixth line made an investment of $ 10,000.

His direct upliner will receive, according to his status, 11% or ($1100). Partners from the fourth and third lines will not receive a bonus, because they have the same statuses as the partner from the 5th line, the partner from your second line will receive the difference between his status and the status of the previous partner (15% – 11% = 4% or $ 400), the partner from your first line will not receive a bonus, since he has a similar status. And you have a higher status, so you will receive (18%-15% = 3% or $ 300).

Thus, you have earned $ 300 from the partner’s investment from your sixth line.

Similarly, you will earn from any line in the depth of your structure if you have a higher status than the partners who are closer to the investment.

The combination of statuses on different lines will be different, so the income will be received regularly in different volumes.

You will have a constantly increasing status due to the development of your structure. To get the maximum referral bonus corresponding to your status, invite new partners to your first line.

Most often, the biggest rewards from partner investments are received by direct upliners. But with the achievement of high statuses in your Veqber career, your bonuses from partners from deep lines may be more than their direct upliners.

Our company creates comfortable and favorable conditions for building a global international business from anywhere on Earth.

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